Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewing and Cooking

Today makes day 18 our school system has missed for snow. We received five inches of new snow over the past 24 hours. This has been the prettiest snow as it was fluffy, heavy flakes that stuck to everything.
I used this time off to do some crafting. I made this Carolina bag. (By the way, congratulations Tarheels on your win over Miami last night!) Notice it has one of my new labels "Gayleblee Designs".

I am very excited about my new labels. I ordered them from Jennifer's Jewels on Etsy. Thanks Jennifer they are great.

I also made some delicious blueberry muffins. This is the best recipe ever, and so easy. I will be putting the recipe on my pages so look for it. I promise you will love it too.!

I have included a picture of my snowman collection. This is a tribute to all the snow we have been having. The snowman on the far left is a creation that Em made a couple years ago in art class.
I hope you enjoy your visit. I will respond to all email and comments.

Happy Crafting, Sewing, Cooking, Living!!!


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