Saturday, March 14, 2009

OAMC "Once a Month Cooking"

I recently became very interested in OAMC. I have very little time in the evening to prepare a meal from scratch. It seemed we were always pulling through the drive thru of some fast food resturant. I felt very guilty, giving my background is in Family and Consumer Science. So I did some research on OAMC and hit the ground running. I compiled my recipes, made my list and did the "big shop". I spent about $220 for a family of five and that made 23 meals. I marked my calandar with days I knew we would have to eat out because of late ballgames and we are usually out of town on the weekends so we are forced to eat out. I was very proud of myself, I got all of the meals cooked and a couple of lunches and still manged to make it to three basketball games. I am working on next months menus now. I hope to add a few more lunches and maybe some breakfasts. I would love to have some new recipes to add to my collection. So if you would like to share, please do.

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