Saturday, April 4, 2009


What fun. Today will make the sixth baseball game I have attended in a week. On Monday Kaleb hit a homerun out of the park, 315'. His team made it to the semis in his middle school baseball tourney. He received an all conference pick and an all tournament pick.
Gray plays today, but Ken's mom and dad are taking him so that we can go with Kaleb when he receives his plaques for the tourney. Em finally got to practice softball this week. Between schedules and the weather they have had a hard time getting to practice.
Kaleb came down with strep earlies this week, but is making a nice recovery. I will post some pictures of him in a later post. He has had an incredible year.
The family is heading to the beach during spring break so there will be much packing to do. I love going, but I dread the packing and unpacking. But all the sunshine and the wonderful time spent with family makes it worth every bit of it!

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