Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Ray of Sunshine...

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shinging, the birds were singing, and the temperature was in the 50s. It makes you long for the lazy days of summer. But today we are home again for snow. Because our school district has now missed 15 days for snow we will be going to school on Saturday:( . I am posting some pictures of the sun shine on Saturday and the melting snow. I am so over snow for this year.
You can barely make out the remains of our last snowman.
You can almost see our sidewalk.

I would like to try my hand at selling some of my crafts. I am looking for some local show where I can set up and hopefully make a little proffit. I welcome all advice and tips anyone would want to share on this subject. Thanks in advance!

This is a picture of Em's crafting. She has decided she wants to make some money crafting too. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? I have been busy crafting away and now she has caught the bug.

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