Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scrap Scarf

I finished this scarf today. This is one of my personal favorite scarf designs. I love all the colors. This I knitted.

This blanket I am making I am using the "baby ripple" blanket posted on Attic24. Thanks again Lucy!!!

This ripple blaket was inspired by Lucy's beautiful creations at Attic24, but for some reason I used a different pattern than the one she has posted to create this blanket.

This snowflake pattern I got from the Martha Stewart website. I used a larger needle and yarn and I guess that is why it is so large. It is about an 8" diameter. I placed a tape dispenser beside it so you could see how large it is. I thought it would be pretty on a large tree or haning in your windows. I also glittered my snowflakes when I starched them.

1 comment:

  1. Your scarf is very colourful and a great way to use up left over yarn. I too love the ripple blanket pattern but my crochet skills are not very good. I have been knitting for approx 30 years so my crochet looks very amateurish in comparison and I lose patience with it. I did however crochet a string bag from Erika Knights Simple Crochet book which is quite unforgiving as it is just for groceries.